Men's Shoes for Neuropathy

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Sharp stabbing pains, extreme sensitivity, muscle weakness and numbness, or tingling in your feet or hands ca. . . Show More

Since I bought these shoes, I've worn them constantly. They fit like a comfortable glove & make me feel like I'm walking on a cloud.

Ellen D.
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Maroon-Jet Black
6 Colors
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Dove Gray-Orange Spice
6 Colors
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Midnight Blue-Stone Gray
5 Colors
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Midnight Blue-Mineral Blue
3 Colors
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Storm Gray-2.0
3 Colors, 2 Widths
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Jet Black-Slate Gray
2 Colors
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Discover the perfect shoe for you.

Size Chart

US International
Women Men EU UK JP
5 35 2.5 21.5
5.5 35.5 3 22
6 36 3.5 22.5
6.5 37 4 23
7 37.5 4.5 23.5
7.5 38 5 24
8 38.5 5.5 24.5
8.5 7 39 6 25
9 7.5 40 6.5 25.5
9.5 8 40.5 7 26
10 8.5 41 7.5 26.5
10.5 9 42 8 27
11 9.5 42.5 8.5 27.5
11.5 10 43 9 28
12 10.5 44 9.5 28.5
11 44.5 10 29
11.5 45 10.5 29.5
12 46 11 30
12.5 46.5 11.5 30.5
13 47 12 31
13.5 47.5 12.5 31.5
14 48 13 32




Women Men
Medium Wide Medium Wide
B C+ D E+
Sandals only come in full sizes.

Order a size up if you normally order a half size.

Size Women Men
S 5 - 8.5 6 - 7
M 9 - 11.5 7.5 - 10
L 12  10.5 - 12
XL 12.5 - 14



S 35 - 39 2.5 - 6 21.5 - 25
M 40 - 43 6.5 - 9 25.5 - 25
L 44 - 46 9.5 - 11 28.5 - 30
XL 46.5 - 48 11.5 - 13 30.5 - 32

Understanding “FIT” notes:

ALL KURU shoes are sold in US sizing. IF the “FIT” note says “1/2 size small”, you should purchase a 1/2 size larger than your normal size (e.g if wear an 8, purchase an 8.5). If the note says “1/2 size big," then purchase a 1/2 size smaller than your normal size.

Features of Men's Shoes for Neuropathy

Neuropathy shoes are specifically designed to address the unique needs of individuals with neuropathy. These shoes offer various features that promote optimal foot health, reduce pain, and enhance overall comfort. Let's explore some key features to consider when choosing neuropathy shoes for men.

Extra Depth and Width: Neuropathy often leads to foot deformities and swelling. Therefore, neuropathy shoes should provide extra depth and width to accommodate these changes and prevent unnecessary pressure on sensitive areas of the feet. This feature ensures a better fit and minimizes the risk of developing blisters or ulcers. KURU shoes feature wide toe boxes, and we offer several styles in wide widths to help give your feet the space they need.

Soft, Non-Irritating Materials: Choosing shoes made of soft, non-irritating materials is essential for individuals with neuropathy. These materials help reduce friction and irritation, preventing potential injuries to the skin. Look for shoes crafted from breathable fabrics or soft leather to enhance comfort and protect the feet.

Ample Cushioning and Support: Neuropathy shoes should have superior cushioning and support to absorb shock and provide stability while walking or standing. Look for shoes with advanced cushioning technologies, such as gel inserts or memory foam, to alleviate pressure on the feet and enhance overall comfort.

Arch Support and Stability: Proper arch support is crucial for individuals with neuropathy as it helps maintain the foot's natural alignment and reduces strain on the feet and ankles. Look for shoes that feature built-in arch support and stability features to promote optimal foot biomechanics.

Adjustable Closures: Shoes with adjustable closures, such as Velcro straps or laces, are ideal for individuals with neuropathy. These closures allow for easy adjustment, accommodating any swelling or changes in foot size throughout the day. Additionally, they provide a secure fit and minimize the risk of tripping or falling.

Choosing the Right Men's Neuropathy Shoes

Now that we have explored the essential features of neuropathy shoes, let's discuss some factors to consider when choosing the right pair.

Proper Fit: Ensure the shoes fit properly by measuring your feet accurately. It is recommended to measure your feet at the end of the day when they are slightly swollen.

Consultation with a Podiatrist: If you have severe neuropathy or foot deformities, it is advisable to consult with a podiatrist or a foot specialist. They can provide valuable insights and recommend specific shoe styles that cater to your unique foot conditions.

Comfort and Style: While prioritizing comfort is crucial, it doesn't mean you have to compromise on style. Neuropathy shoes are available in a wide range of designs, ensuring you can find a pair that not only provides relief but also suits your personal style.

Neuropathy neutralized!

"I am on my feet all day. I suffer from neuropathy and plantar fasciitis. No other brand of shoe has ever helped me. It's been a month now and I'm pain free. I won't wear anything else. It's really a no-brainer because you get free custom orthotics with each pair. You will not regret this purchase. Kuru for life!"

- JasonS

Great for Neuropathy!

"My son gave me a pair of these shoes because I have neuropathy in my legs and feet. Because they gave me great stability and comfort, I bought a second pair so that I have a pair for outside and another for in the house. My walking is much better because of these shoes!"

- Bob K.