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Engineered with the ultimate cushion and comfort to support your feet during those long hours sorting packages or pounding the pavement on your route.
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KURU footwear is stylish and delivers unmatched support, traction, and comfort–perfect for those long days spent on your feet.

KURU postal shoes are designed to protect your feet and keep you comfortable while you work. Our patented KURUSOLE has been designed to mold around your feet, providing all-day comfort and support.

We know how important it is to have postal shoes that can keep up with you, which is why we offer a variety of styles and colors to choose from.

Whether you’re looking for postal shoes for men or women, we have the perfect pair that will support your feet and keep you comfortable all day long.

KURU postal shoes are the best shoes for postal workers and delivery drivers. Order your pair today!

Top Features
Top Features of Shoes For Postal Workers and Delivery Drivers


Postal workers and delivery drivers are on their feet for long hours, so it is crucial to find a comfortable pair of shoes. Look for postal worker shoes with cushioned insoles and plenty of support. This will help reduce foot pain and fatigue.


Delivery drivers and postal workers often have to walk on rough terrain, so their shoes need to be able to withstand a lot of wear and tear. Look for mail carrier shoes made from high-quality materials built to last. Post office shoes with thick soles and reinforced uppers will stand up to the elements and last longer.

Sufficient cushioning support

The best shoes for mail carriers and delivery drivers will have enough cushioning to support your feet and help reduce fatigue. Look for postal shoes with cushioned midsoles and plenty of arch support. This will help keep your feet comfortable even when standing or walking for long periods.

Slip and water-resistant

Since postal workers and delivery drivers often have to work in all kinds of weather, it is essential to find postal shoes that are slip and water-resistant. This will help you stay safe on wet or icy surfaces. Look for postal worker shoes with traction-control soles and waterproof uppers.


Lastly, postal workers and delivery drivers need postal shoes that are lightweight and won’t weigh them down. Look for post office shoes made from lightweight materials such as mesh or synthetic leather. It will help you stay comfortable and agile on your feet.

KURU footwear has all of these features and more. Our postal shoes are stylish and comfortable, but they are also built to last. Order your pair today! You’ll be glad you did.

Man wearing KURU KINETIC shoes for delivery and postal workers.
Workplace Foot Injuries

Workplace Foot Injuries

Find out what types of safety or ergonomic hazards delivery and postal workers face that can lead to foot injuries.

There are a variety of safety and ergonomic hazards that postal and package delivery workers face on the job that can lead to foot injuries. These include:

Walking on uneven surfaces

Mail carriers often have to walk on uneven surfaces, such as sidewalks, curbs, and gravel. Because of this, they are at risk for sprains and strains such as broken bones, torn ligaments, and pulled muscles. Insoles that provide arch support and cushioning significantly reduce the risk of these types of injuries.

Standing for long periods

Foot pain and fatigue can set in after standing for a long time. Shin splint pain and Plantar Fasciitis are common complaints among postal workers. To help prevent these problems, postal workers should wear comfortable shoes with thick soles and good arch support.

Working in bad weather

Delivery and postal workers often work in bad weather, such as rain, snow, and ice. This can make walking and standing more difficult and slips and falls. Postal shoes with slip-resistant soles and waterproof uppers help postal workers stay safe on wet or icy surfaces.

Carrying heavy loads

Postal and package carriers don’t often have to handle heavy goods, but they frequently transport them long distances. This eventually puts a strain on their feet, ankles, and legs. Postal shoes with cushioned midsoles can assist decrease the chances of injury.

Facts and Stats

Postal Service Industry Facts and Stats

We take a look at some facts and stats you might not have known about footwear worn by delivery and postal workers. Read on to find out more!

  • The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that there are 53,000-foot injuries annually leading to missed workdays.
  • 34,000 injuries each year occur among postal workers alone. 13,000 of these workers attribute these injuries to mail deliveries.
  • The US Postal Service has the most reported severe injuries.
  • More than 7% of postal workers suffered disabling injuries while on the job in 2016.
Foot Injury Prevention

Foot Injury Prevention

Learn how to best protect your feet in postal service industry.

Most postal and package delivery workers will experience at least one-foot injury. With all the walking and standing that these jobs require, it’s no wonder that foot pain is a common complaint.

Here are some tips to help prevent foot injuries:

Wear postal shoes that fit properly

Shoes that are too tight or too loose can cause problems. Postal workers should have their feet measured and wear postal shoes that provide the proper support and fit. It will significantly reduce the risk of foot pain and injuries.

Look for shoes with good arch support

Postal workers should look for postal shoes that have good arch support. This will help prevent Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, and shin splints.

Choose postal shoes with cushioned midsoles

Midsoles made of foam or gel can help absorb shock and reduce pressure on the feet. This is especially important for postal workers who have to carry heavy loads. In addition, postal workers should look for postal shoes with padded collars and tongues. It will help prevent blisters and pressure points.

Wear postal shoes that are slip-resistant

Working in bad weather can make walking and stand more difficult. Postal workers should wear postal shoes with slip-resistant soles to help prevent falls. In addition, postal workers should wear postal shoes that have waterproof uppers to keep their feet dry in wet weather.

Take breaks often

Postal workers should take breaks often to rest their feet. This will help prevent foot pain and fatigue. In addition, postal workers should avoid wearing high heels or tight shoes when not on the job. This will give their feet a chance to recover from the stress of standing and walking all day.

  • What are the best shoes for postal workers?

    Mail carriers need postal shoes that are comfortable, supportive, and slip-resistant. Furthermore, postal workers should look for postal shoes with cushioned midsoles to help absorb shock and reduce pressure on the feet.

    KURU postal shoes are some of the best shoes for postal workers. Designed to hug the contours of your feet, KURU shoes provide all-day comfort and support. In addition, KURU postal shoes have slip-resistant outsoles to help keep you safe on wet or icy surfaces.

  • What are the best shoes for delivery drivers?

    Being a delivery driver can be a demanding job. Not only do you have to contend with traffic, but you also have to be on your feet all day. This can take a toll on your feet, legs, and back, so choosing the right shoes is essential.

    Look for shoes that are comfortable and provide good support. You might also consider shoes with built-in arch support and shock absorption. And don’t forget to size up – you want to make sure there’s plenty of room for your feet to move around in delivery driver shoes.

    KURU Footwear designs shoes for delivery drivers. KURU footwear provides exceptional comfort and support with our unique and patented technology. And our shoes are built to last – they’re made with durable, high-quality materials that can stand up to the rigors of the job.

  • How do I know which shoe to buy? Which is best for me?

    The best shoe for you will depend on your unique foot type and the style you’re looking for.

    The best shoes for men and women alike offer adequate arch support and cushion. Whether you’re looking for bright blue shoes, dark blue shoes, or white shoes with blue accents, KURUs line of pain-relieving footwear help alleviate foot pain symptoms for all-day comfort.

  • How is the arch support of KURU shoes?

    KURU shoes deliver excellent arch support without the need for thick inserts or expensive, custom orthotics.

    Superior arch support starts with our patented KURUSOLE technology, which delivers natural cushioning and dynamically hugs your heel with every step. Every foot is unique, and our ULTIMATE INSOLES adapt to fit your needs by using your own body heat to custom-mold to the shape of your feet over time.

    The corrective nature of our superior arch support is designed to neutralize your weight distribution and place your foot in the best anatomical position. This support can take some getting used to. We suggest slowly breaking in your new shoes over the course of 2–3 weeks.

  • Are your shoes considered orthopedic shoes?

    Even though KURU shoes were not initially intended to be orthopedic shoes, thousands of our customers say they experience relief from various foot conditions—including bunions!

    While our shoes are not currently considered orthopedic by a medical standard, we have received thousands of positive reviews from customers who say their KURUs helped reduce or eliminate their pain.

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Three Layers of Support
Three Layers of Support

At KURU, we pride ourselves on our unique approach to shoe design. We believe that shoes should be shaped to fit the natural contours of your feet, which is why we create every pair in three distinct support layers, not just an insole.

Our revolutionary ergonomic design starts with a curved footbed and adds unparalleled triple-layer support that includes shock-absorbing KURUCLOUD, heel-cupping KURUSOLE, and arch-supporting ULTIMATE INSOLES. The result? Shoes that are so comfortable you’ll stop thinking about your feet.








The KURUSOLE molds to your feet as you walk, ensuring that you remain comfortable throughout the day. Our patented designs form a perimeter around your foot to cradle and support each step. It adapts as you go throughout the day, providing unrivaled comfort and support with each step.

Fine, We’ll Tell You Our Secret
Why Others Love KURU

Why Others Love KURU

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8W with Bunions. I work in a postal plant on concrete floors carrying and moving 10 to 70 pounds on mail continuously for 8 hours per day minimum. My feet, left knee and lower back hurts badly. I bought Kuru Quantum 8w for it’s shock absorption, feet pain and knee pain. One week into wearing these shoes, no more feet pain, knee doesn’t hurt much and hardly no back pain. I wore these shoes at work the first day I got them all day without any foot pain. Good shoes. I will purchase more.”

AJaye from Saint Paul

Unbelievable Footwear. I’m a postal worker of 26 years. I had plantar fasciitis surgery on both feet in 2018 and I’ve never experienced any footwear product like Kuru! Absolutely worth the investment!”


Love them. The best work shoes I have ever used. I’m a postal carrier and I’m so glad I found Kuru!”



Post office approved! I didn’t need any break in time. They were super comfortable right out of the box. Well worth it.”

Mike F

Best Shoes!!! I am a delivery driver and climbing in and out of the delivery truck has put a constant pain on my knees. I have tired different types of shoes, socks, etc. I googled best shoes for bad knees. KURU came up. I purchased the Quantum on a Saturday and was delivered by the middle of the week I put them on and have been wearing them ever since. I haven’t had the first pain in my knee yet and I do a lot of walking. I love these shoes so much I bought a pair and a pair of the sandals for my moms birthday.”


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