Where do you fit in on the map?

Why now?

No matter your political beliefs, the healthcare rollout has been a disappointment. Not enough people know their options. If this continues, costs go up, stretching wallets for those who can least afford it and draining precious government funds.

Why Alabama?

Alabama is famous for its sense of community, but infamous for its high poverty levels and poor health outcomes. Alabama needs help, and fast. We aim to contact 100,000 uninsured Alabamians to educate them about their healthcare options.

Why students?

From Women's Suffrage to Civil Rights, student volunteers have made a difference in the major movements of our country. Students can be effective conduits of information.

Are you Democrats or Republicans?

We are neither. This is a strictly apolitical movement. Democrats, Republicans, Independents and more have all signed on to a unique opportunity for students to make an immediate and impactful change.


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